Marketing is much more than getting visits to your website. Our marketing services concentrate of driving visitors to your site who need what you offer and have a genuine desire to connect with you. We walk you thru the process of obtaining these visitors, nurturing and educating them, and then converting them into attendees or supporters.








We design your strategy with the end in mind. Growing Your Church. While getting tons of visitors to your website is great, you’re not accomplishing much if they don’t connect with your church and forma a relationship. Our marketing services drive targeted visitors to your site, provide them with the information they need or want, and help you create and grow a relationship with them – long before they even step into your church.

I was amazed at all of the possibilities available to market and bring in new visitors to our congregation. Many of the old offline methods weren’t working as well for us but with our push online our new visitors numbers and membership is on the rise.

William Bennett, Pastor, New Hope Congregational Church

Multiple Traffic Sources


Traditional SEO is focused entirely on ranking your website higher in Google’s results for your most important “keywords”. But ranking is only one piece of the equation, and often times it’s not the most important. While we focus on Local SEO we spend equal time looking for those traffic sources that will drive the targeted traffic to your site that you’re trying to reach. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are three platforms that drive significant traffic to our client’s websites. And even better, they are extremely targeted and ready to engage.


Of equal importance to attracting visitors to your site is what you do with them once they are there. Gone are the days when a church can put up a website with sermon times and their address and expect to see a large influx of guests. While your site will get visitors from many sources, and they will have arrived for different reasons, they have one thing in common. They need to be nurtured. You need welcome them, provide them with valuable information and make them feel comfortable with you and your church before they even think about attending. Do these things and watch your visitor counts skyrocket.

We found that by providing spiritual care and guidance on our website to seekers we could reach them where they were. When they were comfortable with the idea of church more than three-quarters decided to visit us.

Cornelius Jones, Biship, New Life Tabernacle

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